Hay Feeders & Cattle Ramps

Hay Feeders

Our hay feeders are designed to suit your needs. A standard hay feeder is made out of galvanised pipe with a  sheet metal floor. At 1.8m or 2.5m long and 1m high, they take various sized bales. The optional pockets for bale forks enable you to shift them when full and we can include enclosed ends and a trailing option. They are suitable for all types of stock.


We have also developed a calf fence feeder which is perfect for inside pens or netting gates which can be seen below. These are made of steel and have been hot dipped galvanised with an open back to fit a plywood support to hold the hay in when in a pen.

Cattle Ramps

McMullan Enterprises manufacture stationary and mobile cattle ramps. The stationary ramp is 3.0m long with an 0.8m wide race and can feature optional walkways on either or both sides, according to your preference. The mobile cattle ramp is on 14 inch rims with a support stand to maintain balance. An adjustable ramp height is handy and the ramp flattens out towards the top.

Mobile Ramp

Stationary Ramp